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The Fertility Fix

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Our Fertility Fix pack was designed as our intermediary pack. It was designed for people who have been trying to conceive, but conception remains elusive. The pack is suitable for those that have been trying for longer than six months or for those that may have an infertility diagnosis, that isn’t complicated by other health issues (if there are other health concerns coupled with your infertility diagnosis, please get in contact with us or book in for a free 15 minute consultation). 

The pack was designed for:

  • Those who have been trying to conceive for a time, but conception hasn’t happened yet,
  • And for those diagnosed as infertile, whether male factor, female factor or if the reasoning behind the delayed conception is unexplained.


This pack is based on three offline sessions as well as three online sessions, typically taking two to three months to investigate, implement and to follow-up.

Check out the full process below

The Fertility Fix Process

As you may have seen from our other packs, our first step is for you to complete our pre-clinic questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to provide our team with as much information on you as there is! The questionnaire covers your current state of health as well as focusing on why conception has been delayed and what are the particular set of circumstances that might be impeding it. This information is reviewed in detail, in advance of our first session. 

Then, we move onto our first session. The focus in this first online session is to investigate the potential reasons as to why conception has not ensued and to begin formulating a plan to address these issues. In certain instances, where a diagnosis is present, we will investigate the origins of the diagnosis and how they occurred. In the absence of a diagnosis, we will examine the potential reasons why conception has been delayed and what we can do to improve your chances moving forward. This session refines our understanding of the problems that you are facing and how we can correct them.

We believe that our offline work is invaluable to the process. Every time we speak, we will hopefully be able to make suggestions that you can implement straight away, beginning to correct the issues we have uncovered. 

Our offline work allows us to study the information that we have uncovered about you and what we can do to improve your reproductive health. This work is where we can begin to draft your protocol, the roadmap for normalising your reproductive health, making conception easier. 

In our second session, based on our offline evaluation of your situation, we will present our understanding of what has caused your fertility issues and what this means in the short and medium term for your goals. Towards the end of this second session, we outline how we will address those issues in your bespoke protocol, detailing how we plan on addressing these issues, restoring normality to the bodily processes and symptoms. 

In our third online session, we follow-up on how the protocol has been working for you. We will revisit our proposals and advice, as well as any health markers that we wanted to examine from our second session. As this will be our last official session together, we also begin to make amendments to the presented protocol for your next stages. Your feedback is essential to the process and we will have a detailed Q&A session to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Finally, after our discussion, we begin to make ready the final protocol as theorised on our call. This amended protocol is redesigned to build on the work that we have done together and to set you up for your next stages, as agreed. 

The protocol and all of our suggestions will be sent to you for review and evaluation, making sure that you are in agreement with the proposal and understand its objectives.  

Timeframe: Overall, these sessions can take up to two months, depending on the individual.

In our protocol for our Nutrition for Fertility pack, we will discuss:

  • Your diet and nutritional intake. This will include your shortcomings, areas where you are doing well, what we have to improve, how to improve it, and any other step that can improve your nutritional and reproductive health. 
  • Recommended reading, should it be welcomed. This will include books on fertility - based on your circumstances - cookbooks, recipes, etc. 
  • Lifestyle Advice
  • Supplements that may be required
  • And tests, that if we were in your shoes, we would consider.