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Nutrition for Fertility

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    Our Nutrition for Fertility pack was designed by our expert team to review your nutritional intake and to assess any problems that may be present. Your dietary intake has a direct correlation with your fertility health, either supporting strong fertile health or detracting from it. This pack was developed to allow our expert nutritionist to investigate your nutritional intake and to compare this to your nutritional needs. 

    In correcting the shortcomings in your diet, we can expect to see an increase in your general health, both male and female fecundity, and pregnancy outcomes. This is the ideal pack for the health conscious and for those preparing to conceive.

    This pack is designed for:

    • Couples in the early stages of their fertility journey,
    • People who want to optimise their nutritional health, proactively improving their fertility before trying to conceive. 
    • Similarly, for those who have already begun trying to conceive, this pack can help you to improve your chances of conceiving naturally.

    Check out the step by step process below.

    Nutrition for Fertility Process

    The first step, as with all of our packs, is for you to complete our pre-clinic questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to provide us with information on your current state of health, previous health concerns or issues, as well as your current dietary regime. 

    This information is evaluated by us offline, to aid in the investigatory process. The questionnaire, cultivated from years of experience in reproductive health, is an important tool in our investigations of your fertility status. 

    Then, we move onto our first session. Before the session, we will have reviewed your response to our pre-clinic questionnaire, affording us with an in-depth analysis of your health. When we begin our first session, we will incorporate your responses to the questionnaire, along with our interpretation of those responses, to begin the intensive investigation process. This investigation provides us with a better understanding of what your general and reproductive health is at this moment in time, what needs improving, what needs maintaining, and we begin to form early opinions on your personalised protocol.

    The aim of this session is to provide us with as much information as we can get on your health status, what your goals are, what the proposed timeline is, etc. This will allow us to get a better full understanding of your current reproductive status and how we can develop your protocol to optimise your nutritional and reproductive health.

    We then perform our second offline evaluation (first conducted after we receive the questionnaire). The information that we have received from your questionnaire is combined with the additional information we have gathered from our first session.  It is at this stage that we begin to draft your protocol, which is uniquely tailored to your circumstances. 

    Before its completion, we may have more questions for you, which can be facilitated via email or a phone call.

    In our second session, we will present our understanding of what we can do to improve your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy. This is your bespoke protocol, designed by us, utilising our nutritional and reproductive experience. This fertility roadmap is designed as an all encompassing plan on how we can normalise your reproductive health, outlining what can be done and why it should be considered. All of our advice is centred around improving the health of your reproductive systems, making pregnancy more likely to ensue. 

    Assuming we are happy with the outline of the protocol and it is understood, we will email the protocol to you for your records. 

    Timeframe: Overall, these sessions can take up to a month or slightly longer, depending on the individual.

    In our protocol for our Nutrition for Fertility pack, we will discuss:

    • Your diet and nutritional intake. This will include your shortcomings, areas where you are doing well, what we have to improve, how to improve it, and any other step that can improve your nutritional and reproductive health. 
    • Recommended reading, should it be welcomed. This will include books on fertility - based on your circumstances - cookbooks, recipes, etc. 
    • Lifestyle Advice
    • Supplements that may be required
    • And tests, that if we were in your shoes, we would consider.