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Nutrition for Your Pregnancy

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Nutrition during pregnancy is critically important. It directly impacts both the health of the mother and the development of the growing foetus.  

What to expect from your Consultation

Over the course of your pregnancy, there will be both ‘standard’ health events, like morning-sickness, and unique health events specific to your pregnancy, that we need to prepare your body for. Our role here is to understand your pregnancy, treating it as unique, accounting for your biochemical individuality and to develop a plan that improves the outcomes of your pregnancy for you and your baby.

Your  protocol will address:

  • Correct Nutrition for Mum and Baby
  • Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain
  • Maternal Health both Physical and Mental
  • Cognitive Development
  • Supporting Uterine Environment
  • Reducing the Risk of Complications
  • Postpartum Recovery



Nutrition for Your Pregnancy Process

The first step in our pack is for you to complete our pre-clinic questionnaire. The questionnaire will provide us with a detailed history of your health and wellbeing, affording us the ability to understand your nutritional and dietary requirements. The questionnaire has been developed to capture a complete picture of your unique health status.

Before the session, we will have reviewed your response to our pre-clinic questionnaire. On this call, we will delve further into the details provided, discussing aspects of your health that need to be addressed.

This session will help us to draft your protocol; a protocol developed for your pregnancy, specific to your health. We will also answer any specific questions that you might have at this stage.

We will send you a protocol over email. The developed protocol will aim to:

  • Provide you with nutritional support for each stage of your pregnancy, providing the nutritional framework to protect your health and to support the pregnancy
  • Address any health conditions specific to your pregnancy
  • Develop a supplement plan to support your pregnancy from start to finish

It will be developed uniquely for your pregnancy, focused on the nutritional needs of your pregnancy, supporting you and the developing foetus/baby.

After we send you the protocol and give you some time to consider it, we will schedule a follow-up to discuss the protocol.

During this time, we will detail the protocol to you, making sure that it is well understood. We will be able to answer all of your questions, ensuring that all of your nutritional needs for your pregnancy are addressed in full.

Additional appointments are available should you require them.