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Endometriosis Package

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Our Endometriosis pack is specially curated for those facing the challenges of endometriosis. This condition, characterised by the presence of tissue similar to the lining of the uterus growing outside the uterine cavity, can lead to symptoms like pelvic pain, inflammation, and significant discomfort, affecting daily life and overall health. Our service is designed not just to manage these symptoms but to offer a pathway to enhanced wellness and quality of life.

In the journey to understand and combat endometriosis, the importance of holistic health practices has become increasingly clear. Our Endometriosis Wellness Enhancer pack is grounded in the latest advancements in medical research, offering a comprehensive approach that focuses on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplements. These elements work in synergy to address inflammation, reduce pain, and support the body’s natural healing processes.

The cornerstone of our program is personalised nutritional guidance that aligns with your body's specific needs, complemented by lifestyle recommendations aimed at minimising the impact of endometriosis. Our selection of high-quality supplements is designed to fill nutritional gaps and support your body's overall health, creating an environment that fosters well-being and reduces the discomfort associated with endometriosis.

The Process

The first step, as with all of our packs, is to complete our pre-clinic questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to provide our team with as much information on you as there is! The questionnaire covers your current state of health as well as beginning the investigation into your past. This information is evaluated by us offline, to aid the investigatory process. 

In most cases, endometriosis can present with a differing set of symptoms and conditions, varying in their intensity and can lead to secondary complications. Prior to our first session, we will have received your pre-clinic questionnaire and we will refer to this in our first online session. The purpose of this session is to get an intimate knowledge of your case and what we can do to reduce the severity of the symptoms you are experiencing. 

After our first session together, we then perform our second offline evaluation, reviewing your pre-clinical questionnaire and the data from our first session. After our exploratory first session, we will have a greater understanding of what has gone wrong in your system, allowing for the development of Endometriosis.  It is at this stage that we will draft your protocol, which is uniquely tailored to your circumstances, designed to normalise these processes, addressing each symptom presented in your case. 

Before its completion, we may have more questions for you, which can be facilitated via email or a phone call.

In our second session, we will present our understanding of what we can do to improve your Endometriosis related symptoms and the disorder as a whole. In our previous session, we will have discussed your short and long term goals regarding your health and the protocol will be designed with these in mind. Endometriosis is a multifactorial condition, with varied symptoms, affecting women differently and even affecting you differently as you age. Your protocol was developed to address these concerns and we will discuss the personalised protocol in detail. 

Assuming we are happy with the outline of the protocol and it is understood, we will email the protocol to you for your records. 

Your final session is delayed for a defined time period depending on the severity of your symptoms and the condition as a whole. This delay is incorporated into the Endometriosis plan to allow ample time for you to adhere to the protocol and to experience the expected benefits of the protocol. In delaying the final session, we can follow up after the defined time-period, discuss your progress and make amendments where we see fit, providing the best oversight that we can for your condition. 

In our protocol for our Endometriosis pack, we will discuss:

  • Your diet and nutritional intake. This will include your shortcomings, areas where you are doing well, what we have to improve, how to improve it, and any other step that can improve your nutritional and reproductive health. 
  • Recommended reading, should it be welcomed. This will include books on fertility - based on your circumstances - cookbooks, recipes, etc. 
  • Lifestyle Advice
  • Supplements that may be required
  • And tests, that if we were in your shoes, we would consider.